Asylum Plus

Become a Monthly Supporter and Get Exclusive Perks in and out of game.

Game skins may rotate to different ones monthly.

You will lose your asylum plus features if your subscription runs out.


1,000 Gold

Get discounted Gold the more you buy

Click item to view its in-game skin.


  • MyAsylum No Ads
  • MyAsylum multiple banners (show stats on forum)
  • MyAsylum profile Flair

In-game (Vehicles are Skins)

  • Two extra loadout slots (CIV, Cop, Medic)
  • Black MK1 in rebel shop
  • Hatchback Fade
  • Ifrit Deep Sea
  • Oscarred Ifrit
  • Qilin Altis Armour
  • Qilin Armed Altis Armour
  • Orca Retro
  • Taru Black
  • Rock'd Orca
  • Asylum Plus icon next to a players name (civ only)
  • 20+ New phone wallpapers
  • Ability to set your own hex icon and color with it (settings app)
  • 60+ Custom Hex Icons that friendlies can see
  • Ability to set a color to your player's title (not achievement title)